Peace is on the other side (Hour 1)

You are already drowning

the waves of life push and toss you

your body is tired of the burden


“stay afloat” you hear people say

the promised help isn’t forthcoming

maybe the hope you need lies on the other side of life

maybe the mouth of this river is the door you must enter


“one, two, three”, you count

“does a countdown end at two or three?”

no one is here to tell you


you close your eyes and let the wind whisper peace

The sky mirrors your emotions

it starts with a drizzle

you walk forward listening to the riverbank’s call

its soothing voice quiets the other voices


the water kisses your toe

is there a better sign?

it kisses one more time, this time it lingers

its touch quenches the fire burning in you

the voices in your head rise to agree with the water


with arms stretched wide

eyes closed

crying with the sky

feeling all the hurt washed away

you walk forward


the river opens its graceful mouth,


giving you peace


5 thoughts on “Peace is on the other side (Hour 1)

  1. Your poetry has inspired me. I think it’s a masterpiece and absolutely breathtaking. I especially like the way you express yourself in a raw and gritty way. I liked the part where (“stay afloat” you hear people say

    maybe the hope you need lies on the other side of life).
    Please continue writing your poetry.

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