For a Wish

A wish for that which has been long gone and forgotten

A time and hope that held the one thing that had been a want and not a need

The forgotten world that is remembered on a whim

The memory of a dream that had once held the hope of the unbroken

A simple wish said as the head lays on a pillow

Will the dream come true and the hope that something new is coming

The thought that things would happen in the simplest way

An unknown with a small look and a simple smile

What becomes of a simple dream when the world changes the hope

When did the wish change, the hope fade and faith become thin

Why did the world change so much of a simple dream

The smile fades and the world continues to grow

And without knowing the dream becomes something more

A forgotten wish becomes a new glow in the dark

The wish was never forgotten just placed to the side as the world began to turn

The words of the wish are whispered in a silent night and remembered time

Let the wish of that dream become a shooting star that will never be forgotten

See it shine in the night when the night seems the darkest

The faith and hope of the wish shines bright

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