Reverse Fairy Tale

Once upon a time

Is a line I know so well

It began all the stories of

My optimistic youth

The story goes:

A young girl, an evil stepmother,

Two Wicked sisters too. A charming

Prince, a mystical kiss,

A wish, some magic

And a fairy godmother

Makes it all possible.

Then, they lived happily ever after

Once the prince kisses the girl

that fell into deep slumber

or fit into the glass slipper.

Do boys have those stories too?

A boy and wicked stepfather,

Wicked brothers too. A beautiful

Princess, an icky kiss,

A wish, some magic,

And a fairy godfather.

Does he want to go to the ball?

Does he eat the poisoned apple too?

Will he wear glass shoes?

Does the princess rescue him from

A fire breathing dragon?

Do they live happily ever after too?

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