There in the fields, with her long

Black flowing hair

Resides the StarGazer

Twirling round and round.

She leaps with her long legs

She spins in spirals too

She smiles and laughs.

When the moon is full, she

Frolics like a young fawn

Enjoying its first spring dew.

Her laughter echoes through

The cool night and dances

From tree to tree

It can be heard through the

Rivers and valleys.

When the sun rises, StarGazer

Tucks herself into bed

She sleeps sound.

Dreams of love and her

Meadow full of luscious green

Grass play melodically through

Her peaceful slumber.

When night comes, she awakens

Her Stars call out her name,

“Oh StarGazer, come to us.”

Out she goes, spinning and twirling

Dancing merrily.

StarGazer has come home again.


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