Hour 1 – Prompt 1 – Elements at play

Every time I fall, I receive a hug
Every time I am lost, I notice the soft tug
My soul will drift away, my body burnt at death
The Earth will nurture me till my last breath

Every time I am alone, I feel your touch
You embrace me, when hurdles hurt too much
You soothe me, at all times, with your presence
Oh Wind! you balance joy and sorrow, teach life’s essence

How easy it was to give up, to lose my identity
Yet, you infused into my life, taught me serenity
You kept the light of Hope burning, pushed me to succeed
Dear Fire, you taught me “A small spark is all I need”

You tickled me, when I was small, and enjoyed my giggles
As a teen, I reached out to you, to understand life’s riddle
You drenched me with your tides, as both a friend and guide
Water, you’ve taught me to value life, in this unique ride

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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