Hour 19 – Prompt 19 – Wings to fly

I may be content within the boundaries
of responsibilities I have taken upon me
But my words, they have their own dreams
and I find myself nurturing and encouraging

them — I give them wings to fly, fly
first to conquer the sky, then rain down
as droplets that enter each home and
heart. Now, they are all set to venture

into space. Beyond the realms of imagination,
they seek to discover the unknown. Will they
find the souls that are wandering — trying
to find their identity? Will they understand

why climate control and heat radiation is
fast becoming an issue? Will they stumble upon
negative forces that seek to destroy mankind?
Will they unearth the secret to step into Mars

and conquer the other planetary elements?
Just like future remains a mystery and life
is all about fitting pieces of the puzzle
Let my words find their own space, in their own time

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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