Hour 21 – Prompt 21 – A birthday celebration

Exaggeration poetry

The teacher asked her student
“How was your birthday celebration?”

John’s excited voice was loud and he said
“Miss, it was great. The cake was
as huge as a whale. The balloons
hung from the ceiling to the floor.”

For someone who was yet to learn
counting, he held his hands apart
and said, “A hundred friends came
over and they all fit into my home.”

“We drank ten gallons of orange juice
We ate a large pizza each. Our tummies
were swimming in the chocolate sauce,
that melted the vanilla ice creams

The music was so loud, that entire
area danced to the tune. We enjoyed
my birthday with fireworks, till
the rays of dawn told us to stop”

His expressions were full of awe
He captured the attention of all
his friends. His teacher smiled
encouragingly and thought, “Here
is a great story teller in the making”

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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