Hour 22 – Prompt 22 – The Night is for Sleeping

Every mother says “My baby is awake for most
of the night”. The cries begin just as I get
ready to go to bed. Slowly, the baby is trained
by the rule ‘The Night is for Sleeping’

When children ask ‘Why is there a distinction
between day and night?’ The most common response
is ‘The day is for packed action and the night
is for sleeping’. Is that always true?

Why are there animals who stay awake at night?
Why are the stealth activities conducted at night?
Why do some people study better at night?
Why are some cities known for their night-life?

The night brings in solitude, silence instead
of bustle. The dreams find their voice when
the minds are at rest. All secrets travel
the distance under the cloak of darkness

The night is for sleeping only to rejuvenate
It is not to turn a blind eye and escape shadows

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