Crazy Little They

Crazy Little They
Virginia Carraway Stark

I wrote a little poem
about a girl beyond the pale
they all thought it was about them
it was like the song
being ‘so vain’
they all thought this poem
was about them
but it was the crazy in it
that they all identified with
and laid offence and claim to
I worried about that poem
and the fact that if I put
a designation of a gender
and insane behaviors
to a character
that so many people
would reach out
and lash out in offense
claiming that I had written
a crazy little poem
about crazy little them
one of them
was likely to be correct
which one, I will never tell
if they were all so sure
that they were all that crazy
I think it’s safe to say
that it really was
a little poem
that was about
each and every one of them
who believed it described
crazy little they
that’s all I’ll ever say

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