Bare Feet

Walking barefoot on the wet grass
Once upon the evening
The rain like broken glass

It shatters upon the blades
as if they were rocks
The day slowly fades

The world smells of earth
of rain and ozone
The day to night giving birth

The wetness invites me
to stay a bit longer
As the clouds parted with glee

The ocean of stars awake
putting on a show
What sweet dreams they make

A lonely step a bit closer
further from my realm
Midnights best composer

All things to love must end
back to the stage
To those I call friend

Until the next time we meet
my love the rain
I shall cover my bare feet

2 thoughts on “Bare Feet

  1. What a gorgeous connection to nature, to rain and to the world! Theres something so profoundly satisfying in ‘grounding’ oneself by taking off shoes and standing on the soil in bare feet – and you capture that connection beautifully. Even in the closing lines, I know, as reader, that you are leaving. Not because you are describing yourself walking away but because you have covered your bare feet and broken your connection with the soil. Beautiful!

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