Philosophical Love

Once upon a time, I defined love
As acting in the best interests of the beloved.
While that is still sometimes a thing I can believe,
It is not something I can believe constitutes all of love,
Or even the most meaningful parts –
As if it were possible to always know the best interests of someone else!

Love is a chemical reaction,
As much emotion as proaction.
We shape the quality of our relationships
With the material we bring to them –
Brick and mortar, wood and straw.
It is the invisible elixir of personality interplay,
The love you give and the love that is given.

Love is a thing you do, not a thing you are or say.

One thought on “Philosophical Love

  1. I like how it is still very much a poem with a good realization from growing up. I like my favorite line was “It is the invisible elixir of personality interplay,” there is something about it that is just pretty.

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