No one but a poet…

Why would anyone but a poet spend an entire Saturday posting every hour to a blog of strangers? This says as much about who I am as anything: I’m a writer. Poetry and non-fiction.

I grew up overseas, a fact which infuses much of my writing. It was a long time before I could accept that my writing wasn’t going to sound like the writing of many of my friends & colleagues. It still doesn’t, but it does  occasionally find homes. I have three published chapbooks, and currently am jobbing a book manuscript.

In the meantime? I teach classes in creative writing to older adults (through a community outreach program at the University of Tulsa). For years I taught writing at a state university, while also directing a federal non-profit working with teachers k-university.

As I’m too old to go w/out a night’s sleep (even for poetry), I’m participating in the half-marathon. I also want to see what I produce when I crank it out. Traditionally, that’s a good way to silence the inner censor. The past couple of years I’ve been working in tanka, so I may do some of that. However, there’s always my love of the neo-sonnet. Free/ blank verse is another possibility. Overall, I just hope to come up w/ 12 new poems to work over later.

Wishing everyone good writing ~

2 thoughts on “No one but a poet…

  1. Hey Carolyn,
    Just finished reading all your work … you do make me smile and nod and go “Oh yes, got that right…” I really enjoyed what you’ve done, and my favorite piece is To what do you say yes…? – I tend to say yest to everything … but it never sounded as pretty as how you put it down.
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

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