I am gentle with most I am firm with those who need it To myself, I am savage Every mistake is a marr, a sin Sometimes I wish I could show myself half the tenderness That I give to others

About You

Celebrate Celebrate celebrate You Congratulations to yourself no matter how small the trial you’ve gotten through Recreate Recreate recreate You Reciprocate cheers and time and treasure given when giving didn’t seem cool Prostrate Prostrate prostrate You Communication with your God who provides for you to…

Three Heroes

Triumphantly they stepped forward Eventually three were left The joy of getting closer to the goal Suspicion of something unknown doubts somewhere Did they win in this quest? some questions with out solution whether they have reached their destination Some friends are on their way…

Red Umbrella

I can always find you By your red umbrella That you like to carry On very grim days Because you say It makes things a little brighter And in the midst of a downpour You make me smile

Second Breakfast

I went to work They had delayed work They said the roads were icy The ones I had just driven on Two hours before We were supposed to be open I was already there I compromised I locked the door and got second breakfast

City on Lockdown

The city went quiet Everyone shut themselves away Fearing the virus That could possibly kill us For three weeks I didn’t budge Sitting in my chair Working from home Doing all the my employers asked Finally, I had to get out If for no other…


  Stardust is the stuff Of which we’re all made What is the nature of stardust What is its colour and shade? The incandescent beauty Of the diamond-dusted star Is what all life is made of It’s what we all are. Eons ago all matter…

Hour Twenty-Four – The Best Naps

Hour Twenty-Four – Above Image Prompt   The Best Naps   The best naps I’ve ever had Were never on my bed Where the duvet is warm, the sheets are clean And pillows under my head. Head lolling, body sliding sleep in busses and ‘planes…

Destiny – Hour Twenty-Four

I still recall the email An invitation of a lifetime A chance to meet a top tier publisher Her people reached out to me I felt instant elation and sorrow I had no way of getting to the meeting It was a time before ride-sharing…

Prompt 24 Stardust

  Stardust Stardust on hands on soft moist fingertips stardust on lips and cocoa brown skin stardust filters through curly coils stardust it glitters everywhere touched everywhere lingered, everywhere loved it’s you only you the stardust of my dreams