Hour 3: Reticence

I see you true

I caught a glimpse

of the soul you hide behind your eyes


I saw you see me, too


You seem a dream

A cruel mirage

and yet you are the one who grounds me


So too, I hope

there must be something holds you here


You give me strength

with strength you show

when edges of the world do graze you


It does not hurt

you try to lie


your voice betrays you


This I wish:

The words to speak

and a voice to speak them


And this I fear:

That you might fade away and I might miss you

I hesitate


if it would not be meet to kiss you


Allow me this:

A fingertip

My being focused fully to this single point in space


Let me reach you

Give me grace

to trace the salty paths the past has left upon your face

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