Hour Four – The Troubles

The Troubles


She was proudly Irish

But never spoke of

the strife at home

known as

The Troubles


Julianne married Tim, many

years her senior, and

sailed away from Cobh Harbor.



Sailed away from village life, work

in her father’s pub, and the nuns

who tied her hand behind her back

to cure her of the sin of being



Ellis Island – or the Hell Hole – as

she told it.

Endless train ride

across this wide country

and a strange new town in Washington State.


The babies came. Some

didn’t make it.

Endless meals to prepare on the wood cook stove.

Four children in a one-bedroom house.

Later – grandbabies to care for.

Later – burying her Tim.


There were some good times, teaching step

dancing in the parish halls.


But, always . . .

The Troubles


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