Hour Ten – Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles


I didn’t expect a full guffaw anymore.

I was thrilled with a little side-ways

grin towards the end.


The nursing staff helped

set up the Face Time

chats with the ipad.

I told her she was a

very cool Nana these days!


Sometimes that would elicit

a bit of a smile.

Then she would tell me

her woes. I told her how

very sorry I was.


For the Pandemic.

For the broken hip.

For the Assisted Living

and missing her own home.


The last time we were allowed

to visit Mom, it was outside

with masks on. She told me she

didn’t need that damn thing

and left it off. Harvey got her

to sing “Tiny Bubbles” and recorded

it on his phone.


I can’t say I would full-on chortle,

remembering that day. We’re probably talking

my own kind of side-ways grin.

And . . . a few tears any minute

if I don’t stop myself.





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