A bit of whipping can make the frosting tasty, but there’s a fine line between cream and curd; beating your batter to a pulp may lead to deflated egos reflected in collapsed, cratered, remnants of deserted foundations. Happy cakes, prefer to rise but only in attempt to escape their molds. The pound for pound cake helps break the monotony, as Marie Antoinette once said, “let them eat cake!”


  1. Young, romantically hopefully human. Preferably marinated in self pity, judgement, and “daddy issues.”
  2. Slightly older, narcissistic, eye pleasing, enticing human. Has major issues but will never acknowledge them, unless its to play the victim.
  3. Short tempers, resentment, depression.
  4. Pettiness and arrogance.

For added spiciness you may sprinkle the following mental illnesses/disorders: Stockholm Syndrome, PTSD, any variety of anxiety or OCD,

Mix two personalities who should never be in the same room, much less together and watch as the temperature rises.

Batter, doesn’t usually boil, though it runs runny without any substance. Wont hold up, yeast wont rise, stifled in its own demise.

There’s too many pounds in this pound cake, it’s been pounded to a splatter and it’s lost shape, but you keep trying to remake the batter anyway.

maybe, if I use less trauma this time, maybe I’ll stir the pot less; it’ll be fine.

it has to be fine, doesn’t it? wont it?

Not always,

sometimes the batter spatters over the rim and hits with spoilers, tensions rise and stokes the broiler.

not every baker gets to it in time to pull it out and regain composure.

Some cakes burn before you can tier them into submission, without dowels they tend to buckle with intention.

Be cautious on how you mix your batter.

Without the proper foundation, none of that deco fondant really matters!.

-Sugar Coated Trauma-



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