Prompt Twelve

Prompt Twelve

This is my last prompt and I got stuck on the word count and couldn’t come up with anything to write. So, I checked the random prompts from previous years and one came up suggesting I use at least five of the eight words listed. They were: piano, ferns, lantern, beech, boots, laughter, jars, clear. My word count fits, as I used ‘maple’ twice. Because the ‘word prompt’ was not included in the original prompt, I relaxed, even though I only managed to use half of the eight words. They inspired me to write my last poem! Thank you for a fun and challenging contest – it was well-organized and set up for success!!! I will be back next year!

Near dusk, they reach their destination –
under a canopy of beech and sugar maple they
lay down their tarp and spread their feast: cheeses,
and salad topped with musk mallow seeds.

Wine-filled glasses perched in hand –
they watch maple syrup seep into hanging jars;
while the singing warbler’s sweet tones ring
through the forest, and night brings a piano of colour.

Black and white shadows of light play along her face –
he curls a waft of her hair through his fingers.
The soft touch of his lips on her cheek, lingers;
each star a lantern, as they make their way home.

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