Parading up the Canyon of Heroes (Poetry Marathon 2022 – Hour 7)

Parading up the Canyon of Heroes (Poetry Marathon 2022 – Hour 7)

In Manhattan up the Canyon of Heroes
Are parades to honor those
Who have done something amazing
Usually NY sports teams that have won
The championship for that sport.
They parade up the Canyon of Heroes
In flatbed trucks and cars
And people line up to cheer them on.
We throw from the window bits of pape
(What at one time was shredded paper
Known as ticker tape
And is now paper shredded in a paper shredder)
From the high rise office buildings that still have windows
That line Broadway in lower Manhattan
And they turn on Chambers Street
Along City Hall Park
The Woman’s Soccer team, the Yankees, the Giants
When they won, they paraded.
And from time to time real heroes
Returning veterans
Parade up the Canyon of Heros
911 First Responders
Covid Pandemic workers
Also got to parade.

I would take a camera to work as the building
I worked in
Was on the Corner of Broadway a block North of Chambers
And I could take a ton of pictures
And I would share them on Facebook.
I never stood along the street to cheer
And I never threw anything out the window.
Littering even for a good cause was not my thing.

In some of the pictures the shredded paper was so thick
It looked like colored snow.
We should have a ticker tape parade
In honor of the passing of ticker tape.

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