Hey Gal

Remember riding in my Chevy Nova
through downtown Traverse City
how we blasted the Talking Heads
all the way down Front Street?

How was it that we had
so much time in our lives
to just sit around talking
and drinking Labatts and smoking Camels?

My kids are grown now
about that age we were
when we became thick and thieves
and probably did illegal stuff.

But we never got caught
and I hope they never do either
but if they do, meh – I’ll
chalk it up to chance.

We had it good for a while
didn’t we?
We had our whole lives
ahead of us.

Now here we are.
Age found us both.
I’m a mom, maybe a grandma soon
and you – how are you?

[Prompt 6: Write a letter to yourself from the perspective of someone who is no longer in your life.]

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