Planning an expedition to Norway by ship

I keep thinking earbuds. Don’t forget the earbuds.
And the little book light and the novel.
Seventeen issue of The New Yorker.
My favorite soft pillow.

I keep thinking binoculars. A really good bird book.
Chocolate bars from Switzerland. Ginger candy.
Our deluxe edition of Scrabble.
Photos of our dogs and cat.

I keep wondering, will there be wine on board?
Good food? A library?
A big room full of puzzles?
A TV with Netflix?

Yes, I want to see the Northern Lights,
I want to see old churches, fjords and the deep ocean.
I want to see whales, eagles, and reindeer.
I just need the little comforts of home
to keep me tethered safely on board.

4 thoughts on “Planning an expedition to Norway by ship

  1. This was really thought provoking for me. How much of what’s-comfortable do we drag along into what-could-be? And does bringing those comfy things in any way shield us from what shows up there. Still thinking …. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for these comments. I really appreciate your insights and I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way … that bringing these things of comfort will actually impact what we experience. I’m going to keep thinking about this too!

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