Aged to Perfection

Getting older
Why do we resist?
Have you ever considered
The alternative?

I love the idea
Of growing in years
For Wisdom comes with it
Learned through laughter and tears

I have earned every line
And every gray hair
My beauty refined
With each passing year

As time goes by
We surrender our youth
But I wouldn’t go back
To tell you the truth

I like who I am
And all that I’ve become
I’ve grown into myself
Much more than when young

I stand in my strength
My power and glory
I speak my mind
And write my own story

There are still chapters left
I’ve still much to give
I plan to contribute
For as long as I live

Age is just a number
It has no meaning really
I can do what I want
It’s all up to me

So I choose to live fully
I choose to be free
I choose new adventures
I won’t let a number define me.

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