Hour 14: Froggy Mystery

Froggy Mystery

The children ponder the mystery
Tomatoes canned in jars
Appearing along the streambank
When evening reveals its stars

They slip into their raincoats
Tiptoe across the lawn
Then sneak down to the water’s edge
Just at the break of dawn

They elbow each other silently
Oh! what a sight to see!
Frogs in numerous squadrons
Working feverously

Harvesting from the garden
Tomatoes ripe and plump
Cooked in giant kettles
On many a rotted stump

Frogs that can tomatoes?
The mystery only deepens
My keen and percolating brain
Cannot grasp the reasons

The stream it flows; the frogs, they can
I’ve seen it from afar
We sit and ponder the mystery
Tomatoes canned in jars

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