Hour 10 – Praise

 A Grandpa’s Love

When I was young, my grandfather
taught me so much about life;
I learned to cook, and I learned to fish,
and I learned about surviving through strife.

I learned about camping and campfire coffee,
pinching toes I soon learned to avoid.
I learned that ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ can be true,
and his passing, in my heart left a void.

I’m now Grandpa to a beautiful bunch,
and I hope that I too will impart,
to my ever-growing branch of our family tree
the lessons of love in my heart.

All of these messages I wont get to teach
to Eddy, my first born grandson,
for God called him home much too early
and his Earthly time with us is done.

So I’ll work without fail for the rest of my life
to be the best Grandpa I can,
and to hopefully teach the best lessons of all
to the rest of my wonderful clan.

I may not be rich, and Grandma got the looks,
but my babies I promise you this –
no one in your life will ever love you more,
or give you a better ‘cow-kiss’!

Grandpa loves you all … Forever

Dedicated to my Grandpa
~ Audy McDaniel ~
(1918 – 1984)

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