An Ode to Mr. N

Yes, you… handsome Mr. N.
My very best friend in the Universe… God…

Told me about you 30 plus years ago.

Believe it, or not…
He’s everyone’s BFF. Just ask him!

Everyone’s Sugar Daddy
sans the diabetic afterlife.

His joke, not mine.

Took me a long time to remember what Irene
told me about you. She said “God sent you to me for a reason.”

Then, she went on and on about
OMG, so much stuff!

So much, that I never remember until after things happen.

Mr. N., you don’t need my drama.
I am temptation, though this is not my intent.

My intentions are poetry, music, and theater.
All else feeds poetry, music, and theater.

And I’m SO tired of all this exploitation. REALLY, I am S.A.T.O.I.A.!!!

My good buddy, JC, says he’s going to give you
some other drama to run with.

Wait for it, Mr. N.
Have faith for it, Mr. N.

God will never EVER guide you toward Machiavelli.

Post-script commentary:

Who, exactly is Mr. N.? N, stands for “Nobody”, “Nuisance”, “Nefarious”, “Nonsense”, “Nasty”, “Narcissist”, and “Nut-job”. I have a lot of Mr. N.’s in this life’s history. “Handsome”? Hey, flattery helps!

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