On Religious and Political Freedom

Thank God for the freedom of religion and politics!

Someone a long time ago had the right idea about it.
Someone… so few remember.

Then again, maybe most just didn’t listen.

Yes, you do have the right to TRY to tell me all about your politics disguised as religion,
and, lucky for you, I will listen politely because I am polite.

HOWEVER, you DO NOT have the right to force your ideologies or dictate my thoughts!!

To be clear, the fact that I do not care to give your “faith” ten percent of my six figure income
each year as a required “tithing” (aka tax-free tax) does not represent my opinion of God,

or people, or men, or Christianity, or churches, or Sunday, or Easter, or Christmas, or America.

You DO NOT have the right to frighten me with abusive behaviors that indicate I OBVIOUSLY
made the right decision when I chose NOT to join your politico-religious community.

Yes, I do write specifically about a handful of known individuals.

Am I mad at you? Well, yes, in fact, I am. You are no longer welcome in my social circle.
You did that to yourself when “no, thank you” became a complex phrase.

Why wasn’t my time and gracious attention to your presentation enough?

If God wants me to go to church, HE will inspire me directly, and He will not
raise red flags like banners billowing behind a prop plane.

All religious texts put forth various similar rules about this kind of thing – didn’t you read yours?

God does NOT hate me. Sorry to be the one to let you in on that fact. YOU ARE NOT GOD.
God does not hate you, either. I don’t hate you. I’m mad at you for violating my civil rights,

and then having your “flying monkeys” pretend to represent the divine will of Jesus Christ!

What blasphemy!! I’m telling you off because I know you will read this, then pretend you didn’t.
Not familiar with flying monkeys? Google it, and then go check out that Bible you never read.

My favorite Christian religion is Catholicism – they don’t proselytize, though some Priests…

Catholicism and Judaism are beautiful. Still determined to save my soul? Well bless your heart!
With respect to Eastern religions and the seat of my soul… please be satisfied that…

My pap smear was healthy, and Machiavelli was an atheist, so stay in your own lane! The END.

Thank you for requiring your pedophiles and rapists over the last 60 YEARS to wear condoms.
Yea, right.. God forgives rapes by proxy of half-Jewish children with beautiful mothers. NOT!!!

I was born in the fall of 1959 to a beauty who married a brilliant, talented Jewish man.

And, I am not interested in joining your church or rallying behind ANY political party.
Yes, I’m mad at you, I would never hurt you, and I can’t stop you from hurting yourself.

I am not obligated to forgive you. Why should I? Because you think God forgave you?

I am not God. Your relationship with the divine is none of my business. And, vice versa!
God is not pushing me to join your church. YOU are. Take responsibility, please.

And, while you’re at it… THANK GOD for the freedom from religion and politics.

And, one more little thing… I genuinely doubt Jesus Christ appreciates your org’s exploitation
of His holy essence as a psy-op tool. Shame on you! Nice chatting with you yesterday.




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