to stardust you shall return

Stardust is what we are made of
and we shall return to that
I will not be tied to the earth
The wind will pick me up
Throw me out into the stratosphere
and I will slip between the spaces
in our magnetic shield
to become stardust

Cowboy Feng’s Spacebar and Grill

Perfect matzo ball soup
Is one thing you will find here

Musicians who have played together
For many years

Their homes are long gone
Lost two hundred years ago

Kept safe in the walls
Of the restaurant they run

Many don’t stray far
Or you might get left behind


I am gentle with most
I am firm with those who need it

To myself, I am savage
Every mistake is a marr, a sin

Sometimes I wish
I could show myself half the tenderness
That I give to others

Red Umbrella

I can always find you
By your red umbrella
That you like to carry
On very grim days
Because you say
It makes things a little brighter
And in the midst of a downpour
You make me smile

Second Breakfast

I went to work
They had delayed work
They said the roads were icy
The ones I had just driven on
Two hours before
We were supposed to be open
I was already there

I compromised
I locked the door and got second breakfast

City on Lockdown

The city went quiet
Everyone shut themselves away
Fearing the virus
That could possibly kill us

For three weeks I didn’t budge
Sitting in my chair
Working from home
Doing all the my employers asked

Finally, I had to get out
If for no other reason than to feel the breeze
I drove my car onto the streets
And put my windows down

It felt like an alien world
So many places closed
Hardly anyone on once busy streets
My radio was the loudest thing

But I felt better
The city, while sleeping, did still exist
Her citizens locked away for now
Would return when the time was right

My Mother’s Garden

My mother still plants flowers
In her garden every year

There are tomatoes and cucumbers
Pumpkins and squash
Figs and pears bend the branches of her trees
Herbs live outside the kitchen window

And every year there are flowers

Roses climb the fence
Daffodils and columbines in the front yard
An angel trumpet calls to heaven
And a Confederate Rose is at the bottom of the drive

My mother’s garden is nothing without flowers

To Grendel

Grendel was a monster
That’s what they say
Claws, fur, teeth
Attacking and killing
And showing no pity
An anachronism
In a quiet community
Something that disturbed
And challenged every person

So why… as I grow older
Do I identify more with the monster?


I am not depressed
Nor am I starved for attention
Maybe a bit for affection
But it is not the worst
I’m starting to wonder though
Will I never find a partner?

Lace Leaves

Crystalline leaves
with visible veins
look like lace
knit together
by spiders

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