Who wants to be reminded

that you’re getting on age?

That you’re lots and lots older now,

from the day you were born?

From a very active lifestyle

To a humdrum existence

To a recurring sore knees

To an unclasped fists

To memories left outside the door

To undecided steps?

From pigging out to minimalist food intake?

From rare headache pill to multiple maintenance?

From a multi-tasker to a “one-at-a-timer” please?

From infinitesimal sensitivity

To a “cry me a river” scenario?

From an unstoppable flicks watching and

insatiable book reading

To a bespectacled, myopic-eyed self?

From a more than 10 hours sleep

To a 5 or a blinker?

Who would?

Not I said the “Bornee”

Not I said the “Celebrator”

Not I said the “Septuagenerian-NOT”!

Age is just a number, really

Dance and sing to your heart’s content

Eat everything else, remember,

you have your maintenance

Getting old? It’s all in the Mind!

Enjoy to the fullest..

So Happy birthday to you, you Gorgeous, Pretty,

Sexy ME!!!

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