The warmth creeps into your bones
You feel safe, secure, you are home
Yoh lie in your bed made of softness
You are so comfortable, weightless and thoughtless

The pages of the book you are reading becomes unfocused and unclear
You already know the end of the day is near
But still you desperately try to stay awake
Trying to buy five more minutes away from your drowsy ache

Suddenly the words you were reading turns into unrelated pictures
But you are familiar with this feeling of haziness and fuzziness mixtures
With heavy hands you turn off the light
Knowing full well that this is the end of your night

Will you even awake again, nobody knows
Because nobody truly knows what the next holds
So finally you succumb to the dark
With this world, your soul shall part

So now you fall more and more deep
Until your entire body has been overtaken by sleep


His eyes shine bright
Delicate and gentle in the moonlight
His gaze is soft like a velvet pillow
His voice deep, melodiuos and mellow

He is perfect as anyone can be
His beauty is not hard to see
Breathtaking is his smile
Its so brilliant it can be seen from miles

His laugh lights up the universe
He can bring happiness at your worst
With a heart full of gold
His beauty to remain when he is wrinkled and old

He must know the joy he brings to every person he meets
With his crinkled eyes and words so sweet
He must know that he is created to be loved and adored
He is just a star everyone gravitates towards.

A miracle that calls on affection
He is perfection

Monday through sunday

Day one I’m filled with dread
Thoughts refusing to enter my head

Day two gets better
Stiffness starts to shatter

Day three I am energetic
Its when i feel most poetic

Day four I have anticipation
Mixed with dwindling concentration

Day five I am filled with excitement
Yet still restless, but still compliant

Day seven i feel relief
Doesnt matter that it will be brief

Day six I am calm
This day is quite a charm

Day seven i am relaxed yet weary
For to repeat the cycle will be dreary


The feeling as you step out on your last day of  school
Is amplified because the last few weeks of exams have been cruel
You feel relief, excitement and exhaustion all simultaneously
You are finally free

The stress evaporates in thin air
And now for the holidays you can prepare
Prepare to do nothing yet everything you desire
From the world you must retire

Stay up late and wake up late
Just enjoy the time of your relaxed state
So have fun and let your hair down
Its time to get rid of your frown


Life changes so fast

And sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past

Even a small difference in the simplest of things

Discomfort it will bring


It’d hard to adapt yourself to new ways

And let go of how you used to live your days

But change is something that will happen always

It’s something that we all have to face


I wish we could be together

I wish forever was actually lasted forever

I wish you didn’t feel like a figment of my imagination

I wish love wasn’t such a complication


I wish we both had the will and the strength

To go to every and all lengths

To fight for each other

Because you are my one  and only lover


But alas we are both powerless on our knees

This love we cannot sieze

Never to together  feel the calming wave of peace

Because now our love is uncontrollably  deceased



Remember the days we uses to be close

Shared secrets that nobody else knows

I trusted you with all I had

Who knew once promised everlasting friendship could turn out this bad

But there is only you who is to blame

Because you didn’t spare a second thought when the  time came

To shatter every memory we ever shared

It’s like you never ever truly cared


You took the knife and sharpened it as well

Stabbed me so hard I bled and fell

The once sweet thought of you now leaves a bitter taste

How many second of my life with you has gone to waste


And although we’ll probably see each other again

There will never again be a time where I call you ” “friend”

Annoying visit

Go away atrocious one!

Can’t you see I’m on the run

Why do you visit me at this ungodly hour

Your presence brings me annoyance and leaves the taste in my mouth sour


Just before i open the door

I pray the ringing bell is nothing more

Then a mistake on my behalf

So that the week that follows won’t be rough


But when the door opens I am left disappointed

Because it seems that I have been appointed

Your host for seven days

And only then will you go away


I am left to prepare endless supplies of clothes and food

When it’s holidays Your stay is never good

As this is the time for me to go away and rest

Come when I’m busy, then  your stay gives me freedom so it works out best


You make me moody and feeling like I need to cry

For reasons no one knows why

And you wake me in the middle of the night

And I always have to make sure that your bedding is just right


Now there’s nothing that can be changed

So I heave a sigh and have a room arranged

As The Red Flag Lady is here to stay with me

I know the worst is going to be days one, two and three


We still  remember the day we met

It’s not one to ever forget

It was in winter among the wilting flowers

For us to love you, took barely any hours


You gave us memories that will stay with us forever

You initiated a bond that will never sever

Those moments with you were precious and shall be treasured

Our love for you will always go unmeasured


It’s been exactly a year since we lost you

The days you weren’t thought about have been few

You will always be missed dearly

You have a special place in our hearts, we mean this sincerely


Yes, our time with you was short

Yet you still manage to bring sweetness to every thought

So from down here we send our love

We know it’s strong enough for you to feel from above

The Past

Do you wish to go back to the past

Where time didn’t fly by so fast

Where things were not so complicated

The time where little things made you sated


I don’t.

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