(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. TEXT PROMPT: tenderness


Stella and Ryan keep bickering
About petrol, spark plugs, tires
And anything else they feel like.
Constant since they “re-found” me
Not that I was ever lost. I always knew.
Sometimes wish I was still underwater.
Better than air pods deep pools.
We’re crawling through some long
Deserted back streets, dodgy houses
Cars on blocks and yards full of junk
When suddenly I see them. Two kids.
Girl and boy. Younger than me. Hiding.
Or trying too. Perhaps hoping to be seen.
Or saved. Stop! I scream. And to all
Our surprises we do. I’ve got the door
Half open when Ryan grabs my arm.
Whatcha doing buddy? I saw two kids.
They need our help. You sure? It could be/
But he doesn’t finish his sentence.
It’s not. How do you know, Stella joins in.
I just do. Trust me. I know without knowing
How I gotta approach them like they’re
Skittish colts. Cos they really are.
They want to be friends. They just don’t
Know how right now. I don’t speak.
Neither do they. I smile. The girl sort of.
The boy hides behind her. I don’t think
They’re related. They’re just clinging.
To whoever. I hold out a hand. Wait.

Eventually.                       She takes it.

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