Single Mama

The sunlight breaks aggressively through the curtains.

Bed covers mimic the gentle touch of a lover.

As my eyes open to hear the cabinets slam close and the refrigerator slowly creaking open.

I thought my daughter was still asleep.

My son has left for work, so I sit upright to take in a deep breath.

Swinging my weary legs to the edge of the bed,

I feel my bones awakening to the urgency of the day.

My mind begging me to stay in a bit longer, I quietly slide into the bathroom.

Looking in the glass mirror, it enhances every scar, blemish and discoloration.

Still my beauty intensifies against this false representation.

As my clothes drop to the floor, I step into the steam and allow the water to comfort every inch of my body.

Feeling the perfection of my curves and softness of my skin.

Assuring myself the attire for the day would be both comfortable and chic.

Anticipating the coffee brewing with the intoxicating smell of hazelnut and cocoa beans.

As I slowly sip the liquid, I turn up the heat on my daughter’s omelet.

Hoping this time, it doesn’t burn.

Watching her carefree spirit brings me joy,

the innocence, growth, and brilliance leave me in awe.

Living in this moment, I know we are blessed.

As my tribe strives each day to do our very best.

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