Better Sleep (Hour 7)

Lately I’ve been sleep walking, the lack of energy and emotional imbalances have led me to this

space of emptiness.

Conversations from my subconscious now merged into my waking life.

423hz frequencies playing softly through my phone trying to tame the fright, flight, and freeze

responses I navigate in this dimension.

Better sleep, all the tests say I need better sleep!

Awaiting patiently for my results, the somnologist said my legs moved more than 1,000 times

that night and mimics the results of a person being tortured.

With wide eyes I accepted the answer but where is the cure?

Once I close my tired eyes and laughter filled the room.

Another time I hear someone screaming but finally realized it was only me.

Better sleep, someone said I need better sleep, a phenomenon that escapes me.

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