The Sentinels

Hour Four


The Sentinels


Waterfall a sentinel

could tell us the unthinkable

racing on a hidden path

out of pristine night.


Stars look down upon it all

know a lot that came before.

Quiet eyes are full of light

we’re just a speck to them.


Mountains grew out of the earth

like children of a rocky birth.

Booming barging bigness

reminds me of our weakness.


The moon shines light, reflects the sun

enlightens paths we walk upon

doesn’t want anything

as it brightens up our night.


I look at life like it’s a maze

try to see beyond the haze

at mountains, moon and also stars

but also highways choked with cars.


River once was waterfall

accepts its path as it flows on

towards an ocean destiny

knowing time will set it free.


I walk along the rivers edge

can’t see its start or its end

step lightly as I try to hear

its message bubbling loud and clear.




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