Spider web

There once was a web hanging on the post of my deck,

i noticed that it was empty.

i got my long stick broom and ripped it

And to my surprised, came a big white like cotton ball

I checked what’s inside, with my bear hands and

Lo and behold, a tiny baby spider in light shell, started crawling on my arms.

I ran to the faucet to wash away those tiny spiders.

In my dream, I thought I was able to get rid of them all but,

To my surprise, they were all inside my pocket, crying for their mother to come back.

in haze, I ran outside towards the deck and look for a spider web

And lo and behold, I saw  the mother spider in the middle of rebuilding her web back

And with a quick moved, I emptied my pocket with all the spider babies inside.

From then on, I don’t disturbed a spider web, trimming around my deck.

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