Yes, i a  Superwoman, married with children.

i always wear a smile on my face to greet my day and you never hear me complaining.

My bosom are big and so comfy to lean on. The softness can absorb all the emotional pain my family shared.

Yes, I am a Superwoman,

I need to stay steong and brave to help my children face the realm of life.

Yes, because, I am a Superwoman not only to my children but also to my husband who’s not into multitasking.

I have to be up on my feet early morning, doing endless errands but,

Sometimes, I felt worn out, tired and wrinkled with all the household chores,

Sleepless night of breastfeeding,

Guiding children with homeworks

Accompany and watch children with their baseball practices

Grocery shopping and preparing a hot meal for my hungry family and yes,

A Superwoman, you never hear me complaining because, I care.

Truly, I am a Superwoman, in the eyes of my family,

And I am trying to be pleasant with everyone and

Always with grace, even under pressure.

Yes, I am a Superwoman

Never get sick only occasionall headaches.

The  Superwoman in me, woke up one day and

In the mirror, I look at my aging and  worn out self,

With unkept hair and always wearing an old mommy jeans and over size sweater.

Lost time for pedicure and manicure,

No more trace of make up and not even a visible stain of lipstick,

Only blemished, dried and chopped skin.

I baked cookies and cakes for every occasion and worried much about the gift to present,

i bought them new clothes and shoes and forget about my needs.

Whatever money left are for utility bills and miscellaneous family expenses.

Yes, they never hear me complaining because,

I am their Superwoman.




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