Deserted Operations Hour 16

Nothing is coming to me now

Those words that were zipping above my head

have all been used now.

I am struggling to find new ones

Not even Perry Mason could help me now.

I sense the brain needs caffeine,

or a nap,

protein maybe

Those are words I can use

And have though, often today.

This is the point

bordering on tediousness and exhaustion.

Here word soup and word salad are matched

with a word and mayonnaise sandwich.

Genius won’t happen in this place

The ideas are trapped

In a hollow cavern

Just a few knocking around.

I imagine they are lonely.


They don’t want exposure.

Words, where are you?

I need your loveliness.

I need you to make gallant sentence structures.

I need you to come and play.

Words where have you gone?


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