Hour 15-Myth

What is a myth?

A story we tell our selves

To give someone else the blame

To hand them the control

To beg them to save us

Or venge us

Or fix our broken soul


We wish we had the mighty powers

Ruled from Olympus

Or protected the oceans

with a magic Trident

We imagine ourselves as the hero

in the belly of the whale

Willing to sacrifice

Everything so god would favor us

Give us all we need and desire

Because we remained faithful

Because we are worthy

Our myths feed our cynicism

our bigotry

Our self loathing

Rescue us from death

Somehow Jesus will save us

Vishnu will rescue us

Zeus will appease the volcano

and we will be free

We will load the animals on the ark

We will wander the desert for forty days

We will complete the tasks

And we will be the favored one

The Hero

The great master

God will call us to his side

Grant us ever lasting harps and forty virgins

But it’s just a story

A myth

A hero’s journey

A lie

Just a carrot we dangle

To keep ourselves blameless

Powerless and amused




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