Hour 15- My Heart

I lay on the table

Wires pressed into my body

I closed my eyes

As the technician

Uses his wand

Pressing into my skin

I can hear my heart

On his monitor

A slushy steady thump

He moves his wand around

Talking and feeling

He would tell me when to breathe

And when not to breathe

My heart now beat inside my chest

and outside too

As if I had two hearts

One within and one floating through the room

The technician would stop and hold to take a picture

One particular spot catching his eye

I could tell by his lack of communicating

He was studying and wondering

My heart had a weakness

But was very strong

He told me again and again

How strong it was

As it beat inside me and outside me too

I knew it really was strong

It had weathered love and divorce

Loss and hope

Later the Doctor would explain

The small aneurism

That would later disappear

But the sound of my heart


Two places at once

It would be all right to give it away

It could beat inside me

And inside someone else too

I could keep it safe while giving it away

It was a strong heart

I had heard it for myself

And the technician had told me so




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