Hour Sixteen- Sixteen going on Seventeen

Poem sixteen


Lack of sleep catching up with me

Need to infuse my caffeine system

Maybe throw in some protein

A vegetable

Some inspiration


A song from Sound of Music

Sixteen going on Seventeen plays in my personal

brain music network

A few minutes ago it was Putting on the Ritz

The Peter Boyle Young Frankenstein version

My husband singing it as he struggles to find his muse

I need Starbucks

I need ice cream

I need a diligent house boy

I need sleep

The enemy sleep

It has ammo aimed at my weakening system

I should be writing from a fictional character’s point of view

Stuck somewhere between

Jane Eyre, Maria Von Trapp

And Frank Underwood

All I can do

Is feebly limp through sixteen

On my way to seventeen

Waiting for life to start

Putting on the Ritz

Maybe cheese on a Ritz

Dipped in coffee


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