Nightmares-Hour 13

I wake up

My nightmares still swirling in my head

No amount of positivity can shake it

These days are dark

Pandemics, treason

Murderers caught on video

Riots, treason in broad daylight

Watching the news hurts

Sleep should be the escape

A few hours free of this chaos

Instead my dreams become as bad as being awake

These times we see how powerless we are

How powerless I am

The chaotic nightmare

Is where we are

I try to stay distant

I try to stay safe

But we are holding on

At the edge of a cliff

No rescuer

No ability to lift ourselves up

We are in a tornado

I lay down, wishing for rest

Praying for redemption

For rescue

I am safe until the nightmares begin

I wake up shaking

To find reality is worse




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