Jack in the Box

Selfish Jack
Because you never let me see what’s inside

You never let me in to see what’s inside

As my suspense builds up with each wind

You never let me see what’s inside

I’ve known you all this time

Yet you never let me see what’s inside

This house that Jack built

This box you live in

I wait and I wait for your song to end

But you still won’t let me in

Just to see what you’ve done to that weasel

Maybe it’s supper time for you and the weasel

Is your home nice and cozy for you and that weasel

Have you many places to seat who you entertain

Is there room for me in your humble abode

May I please see your table and chairs

The draperies hung to your windows

The tea kettle on your stove

How many boudoirs do you have, is there one for me

Please I must see

The weasel no longer lives in Jack’s house
I think he may have cooked him

i wasn’t invited so I don’t care

pop goes the weasel



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