3rd poem – Hour 3 – Gallery of sweet pain (Music prompt)

I kept the sentinels from our scenes in the pocket of my heart strings… tampering the dilly dallying of perfect blushing souls lost to the desert of want from the milky outset of wanton rivers; happy stars

I still gallery each strand of bloodied hair

i hold the image of your empty eyes as i fell into you from my emptying ones before they came and tore my center from my grappling hands, hungry to keep a pretty perfect dying picture; the only one that made sense on the battlefield of fallen flowers looking to bloom

I gallery the danger of our oneness

the passion of our sin

roving with sweet nectar of butterfly angels

pre telling the death that took you from me

yet you’re right here

reading everyword

though i can’t touch you

i feel you

right here with me

Pain over patter

breeze over touch

delirious confliction is peace

if you stay right here with me


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