In 1922  many years ago

my honey would’ve been  quite dapper

I’d have been a flapper

Always on the go.


Dancing all night

We’d rarely fight

Drinking in speakeasy bars.

Laughing til dawn

All our money gone

Driving home

in  our Model T cars.


The future looked  bright

Til we lost the light

And fell down  depression’s hole.

Millions lost jobs

Hit the streets in mobs

And lived on the government dole.


Just a reminder to be much kinder

To those who are walking in fear.

For it’s hard to look up

With an empty cup

and homelessness is near.



One thought on “1922

  1. I read this and thought about the times we are living in now. My heart hurts for those who are experiencing hard times now, just like the hard times 100 years ago. Great thought provoking words.

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