Hour 24 Hopeful

stay hopeful
things eventually work themselves out.

Stay hopeful
and listen to that inner voice.

Stay hopeful in the midst of despair.
Stay hopeful when dark clouds surround you.

When you got hope on your side
fear subsides and the road ahead
is paved with good intentions and positive affirmations.

To hope
the light that saves.

Hour 23

There is a 2nd world out there
No oxygen to sustain

no plant and animal life

just dry and deserted
the land is arid.

For endless stretches
Continuing on and on.

Abysmal sunlight throughout the day and night
with no concept of time.

We are not the only inhabitants of this world
there are other strange creatures
much more advanced than man.

They are here to study us.

Hour 22 Pizza Flavoured Kiss

Pizza flavored kiss

I gazed at her lips longingly,
Desiring a taste
Her smile seduced me.
I went in for a kiss
Her lips tasted of wine and last night’s pizza that we shared.
And now everytime, I eat pizza
I can taste her in my memories.


Hour 21 Prompt 21

I keep running into you
When all i want to is the exact opposite.
I can’t bring myself to face you.

I am falling for you and you don’t even know.

I want to say I like you.

I am scared of how you will react.
I don’tt want to lose you as a friend or complicate things further.
Why did I have to go and get all up in my feelings.

But boy, I admire you.
I secretly want to you.
I wonder what it must feel like to be desired by you.

Confession could mean the end of our friendship or the start of something beautiful.
I am afraid to find out what is behind that door.
So for now, I’ll settle for secresy and deep like.
And be grateful to call you friend.
and contine running away from you. .

Hour 20 Routine

I wake up first thing in gthe morning to dismiss the multitudes of alarms I set for myself
Followed by scrolling through some reels til my heart’s content.
once I resent myself for wasting almost an hour comfortably tucked under my sheets

Reels have unwittingly become a part of my daily life
more so when I am stressed.
Its like I am seeking for something that I am not even aware I am searching for.


I admire the way writers express such complex emotions eloquently.

I enjoy watching writers reels with their quotes I think that is the most beautiful thing.

Hour 19

I’m exhausted and strung out.
I am having to express myself inarticulately
Which under normal circumstances would flow right through me in an effortless manner.
Right now all the words are on strike
Resisting, and uncoperative with all my pleas.
Emotions have run amuck
as if they are high on marijuana
I am unable to put a finger on them and describe my thoughts.
Its a bland hour for the writer
and a sad demise of all things I hold dear.

Hour 18 Haunting

I am lost in the woods.
I am trying to find my way home.
I do not have any memories.

I do not know how I got here.
But, I am pretty sure I didn’t come here on my free will.
I can hear cries of a baby
I am running as fast as my feet can keep up.
I am running towards the cries.
I trip on the roots of a tree
Fall to the ground.
A big shadow encapsulates me
The crying baby I can hear so clearly
Its proximal to my location.
I face the shadow
The crying stops
Theres a big growl.
I was the prey
The crying was the bait
swallowed by the shadow.

It was a monster.

Hour 17 Prompt 17 Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope –

Perspectives matter
Perspectives rarely change
However, to live life fully
We must be fluid and open to recieving and observing
What surrounds us.
Dare to Look beneath the surface
To gaze into the soul.
Ask the difficult questions.
Sit with uncomfortable and confronting emotions
to absorb and learn and
to connect with peoples minds.
Have you attempted to understand things from a different perspective.
Do you dare to walk in someone elses shoes?
Do you dare to feel and experience?
Do you dare to participate in the change?
Be the kaleidoscope.
Be different, radiate patterns of growth and hope to enrich life.

Hour 16 The apology

I should’ve said this sooner
I am sorry…
it’s too late
however I am sorry.

I am sorry that my pride was too big to see past your intentions.
I am sorry that I went about it in an arrogant manner.
like whether you existed didn’t really matter.
I am sorry for going all quiet on you.

I am sorry for staying  angry and hurt for so long.
it has taken a great deal of time to understand and cope.

And for not learning to bend soon enough.

compromise has never been my forte.

I am sorry for hurting you in ways I can’t even imagine.
For turning a cold shoulder and pretending to be indifferent.

I don’t know why I did it,
its pretty immature.

I should’ve just said sorry for all the things I have left unsaid.

I hope you recieve all the things that are meant for you.
I hope you find friends who look after your heart and are not afraid of speaking vulnerably.

Hour 15

She looked gorgeous
my precious darling.

When she walked down the aisle
I thought it was the most beautiful sight.
I struggled to hide my tears
they just came flowing.

The day before our wedding,

I was supposed to leave from my parents house for the church
but both my parents had expired
I was distraught as none of my extended family offered their place.
However, each and everyone was stoked about our reception.
So much for family when you need them the most they suddenly have a sack full of excuses.

I was a homeless groom until my fiance suggested I leave from her house on the day we were to Wed.
She was going to leave froom her friend’s place which was in the same apartment complex on a floor below.
She was close enough to get her parents blessings and so was I.

I knew in that moment that she was the one for me. It strengthened my belief in our love.

She is loving, caring and generous.
my pretty angel and
my love and my life.


I vowed to love and protect her and honour her for the rest of our days til death do us part.

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