Waiting on the Tide

It’s the second day of summer and it’s bringing everything great

Cold beer and barbecues and baseball players sliding across home plate

But while folks are at the lake on their boats and water skis

At the beach soaking up the sun and enjoying the warm sea breeze

I sit counting down the days and marking off the calendar page

Til they turn the crimson elephants loose from their Tuscaloosa cage

I just can wait to see them stampede and trample run other teams down

Bringing a rolling tide to every landlocked Southern town

They will be the envy of the nation as they build up success

The result of furious practice and a legendary Process

The volunteers and razorbacks and those blasted tigers too

Will all go under when the Crimson Tide rolls through

I know that the team is working hard through two a days

And they are sharpening their tusks on some brand new plays

But it’s still two months til the season starts and we bid summer adieu

So until then I can only shout a proud Roll Tide to you

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