The Viking Ship (22nd hour 2020) -prompt

Some part of me is empty


I have far too much space

for the thoughts to uncontrollably invade.

Night time is the worse of times

And daytime silence is unbearably quiet

To be reminded

of a young love not requited.

Waves of fire wash over me

As I dream the dream

of the maternal love that comforted me

Here I am

Vikings to the left of me

Fog to the front

Water beneath us

Clear sky above

Steering forward to the unknown

With my past lives embarked on my ship

And what followed behind was your empty crib.

Here I am on this journey,

in this space.

I have my moments but I’m not ok.

3 thoughts on “The Viking Ship (22nd hour 2020) -prompt

  1. well done! I cannot pick a single line that rises above the rest, because they are either powerful or beautiful or supporting those wonderful, beautiful* parts of the story. (*even pain can be beautiful if it teaches understanding; especially beautiful because it is written as proof you have survived.)

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