Removing the Host – Hour 12 Prompt

If I ask you a question
What’s your reply going to be
Would you think it through with purpose
To answer honestly
Or would my very asking
Be only for my gain
As you make up an answer
Without a truthful grain

If I’m asking you for reference
About some form of text
Would you give me some guidance
Or do something else next
Am I your first in memory
Do I simply follow suit
Will I reap in your legacy
Or will I become moot

Is this our life in color
Or is this black and white
Do you really even know me
Or I, you, in this light
The shame that we have come here
The gleam gone from our eyes
But we have drifted different ways
More than we realize

Can we ever recover
Who knows, if we don’t try
But you can’t recognize the worth
So, I guess it’s goodbye
I’m sorry that it’s over
And yes, that hurts the most
But I can’t do it anymore
As your narcissistic host

From Elton John’s Me. Page 354. “The only question worth asking is, what’s next?”

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