“Duality” POEM 4

Yes, it is true.
I can not physically go right
and left at the exact same time

But i most certainly can hate your actions
while still feeling love for you

I can smile in your face
while mental loops play
grainy what-if footage of me slapping you.
Reach to save you
at the same time I don’t want to touch you.
Wish you well
while it hope be in a separate hemisphere from me!

The duality of freedom of choice
is that i can do what’s right
while thinking all the wrong thoughts

Like right here where Im wondering what do with the rest of this hour? Do i stack upon an already half baked ideal giving this run my best
or do I hit publish and make a coffee run?

2 thoughts on ““Duality” POEM 4

    1. I had to stop myself on this thought path. It could go for days. Someone said something to me recently, and i realized I function wholly under the guise of relativity. Is this bad, considering what I could be doing? Is this good, well was it my FULL effort? And on and on! Nothing being fully good or absolutely bad, until placed up against an opposing option

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