Series of Low-Brow Limericks

There was once a chick named Jewelz
Who rarely followed the rules
When she opened her mouth
The conversation went south
She made idiots look more like fools

There was once a broad named Karen
Who everyone thought was barren
When she opened her mouth
Stupidity ran out
Some wonder how her spawn was farin’

There once was a dude named Lass
Who wouldn’t get off his dead ass
He wouldn’t go to work
Said his boss was a jerk
He was the poster child of a complete jackass.

There once was a guy named Duck
Who honestly didn’t give a fuck
He did his own thing
And had his own flings
He nods when he’s called a dumb schmuck.

There once was a lady named Lit
Who really didn’t give a shit
She bottled it up
And closed her cheeks shut
And now she has bowels that won’t quit.

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