Pre-Marathon Intro

Kim Smart coming at you – well, from Fairbanks, AK at the moment, but I generally am in Kansas, South Dakota, or Arizona helping family. I am a floating soul, living life, piecing together the essentials and being @nomad4God by helping others where I can. I have had several careers – registered nurse, attorney, author, public servant, teacher – and am currently working on my PhD in psychology. I have 2 beautiful children and 6 going on 11 grandchildren (4 marrying in and 1 due in September). This is my second 24-hour marathon and I look forward to focusing on this opportunity to co-create in the energy of my fellow participants. Best wishes to all!

Intro – first time marathoner

Greetings! I’m Kim and have joined the Poetry Marathon this year for the first time. I’m looking forward to shaking up my writing and digging deep to retrieve the images, messages, and emotions locked deep in my soul so I can see them, massage them, and birth them into the world. This will be a labor of love–of words, craft, self, and aspiration. I appreciate any tips from those who have done this before. Thanks all and all the best to you in this endeavor!